Our Dog Grooming Rates

Find below all of our dog grooming rates (also cats and bunnies), and look at all the special treatments that are included with each pet grooming. Most places charge extra for them, not here at Rain Dogs Pet Grooming! All shampoos used are all natural and hypo-allergenic. We only use filtered water to bathe your dog.

The full prep!

What you can expect at each grooming

  • All pets are washed with safe organic proucts
  • Complementary plum facial
  • Ears plucked, flushed with an all-natural lavender ears flush, then protected from water and sound from the dryer
  • Nails cut and filed smooth with dremel
  • Eye corner hair trim
  • Sanitary trim
  • Paw pad hair trim
  • Anal glands checked and expressed as needed
  • De-shed and brush out
  • 5 step process that makes sure ears go home clean, protected and dry!


  • Nail trims $10/$15/$20
  • Small breed dog bath starting at $30
  • Dog groom starting at $48*
  • Cat bath $50
  • Cat groom $75
  • De-mat $10 each 15 minutes

Add-on Rates:

  • Teeth brushing $8 With complimentary tooth brush
  • Salty Dog $20  A 10 minute emerged bath, in an all-natural combination that draws out toxins, lowers stress, and soothes aching joints and irritated skin
  • Nail caps (soft paws) $10
  • Custom hair color starting at $25
* Prices are breed specific. Just call us for a quote. Call Rain Dogs Pet Grooming to set up an appointment: 941-485-8888

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